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Welcome to RCANZ


The Retail Credit Association of New Zealand Inc. encourages greater clarity, transparency and efficiency in credit risk assessment and management in order that the benefits gained may be shared by consumers and providers.

The Retail Credit Association of New Zealand Inc. (RCANZ) is a specialist industry association set up to create a forum for :

  •  providers of credit to individuals (major bank, non-bank and utility service organisations);
  •  the major credit reporters; and
  •  organisations able to access positive credit data under the credit reporting privacy code.

One major reason for the creation of this forum was the need to establish a practical and workable basis on which comprehensive credit reporting, compliant with new credit reporting privacy regulatory requirements, might be implemented.

Recognition of the potential for comprehensive reporting to better inform credit decision making and management made the necessary regulatory changes possible.

Significant benefits for credit providers and consumers are expected to flow over time as comprehensive reporting becomes a reality. Its introduction brings New Zealand into line with practice in almost all developed economies and mirrors similar steps being taken in Australia.